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Josh Hamer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jen Hamer's Welcome

Josh was kind hearted, outgoing, and had a genuine love for life. While Josh loved all sports, he lived and breathed baseball. Josh was always active and loved being around people. He enjoyed music, dancing, and the outdoors. Josh had a very competitive drive, was hardworking and very intelligent. He was active in school groups, Young Life, and volunteering in his communities. Josh's contagious smile was always present and could light up any room.

The Joshua Hamer Memorial was founded in memory of my son, Josh, who passed away on March 2, 2017. Josh attended John Carroll on a scholarship and was growing into an amazing scholar, athlete, and young man when his life was cut short. This scholarship is designed to give one student the extra help needed to attend John Carroll and better themselves just like Josh did.

Joshua's legacy will always be present in his communities, John Carroll, and his friends and families lives.




Jennifer Hamer
​Josh's Mother

Our Philosophy

The Josh Hamer Memorial Scholarship was set up to honor the lasting legacy of Joshua Hamer, and to assist young Baseball Players attend the John Carroll School. It is a non-profit organization that's sole mission is to help players join the JC Patriots Baseball and greater John Carroll community. 

About The John Carroll School

At John Carroll, each student is known and valued.

From the time they arrive for freshman orientation to the moment they walk confidently across the graduation stage, the stellar faculty and staff take the time to care for their students and help them develop into the best possible versions of themselves.  The excellent Catholic education and transformative experiences at JC prepare students for college and beyond, allowing them to live their faith through their actions and make an impact on the world.

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